North 312 is a flourishing marketing and sales consulting firm a portfolio of leaders within the office supply, renewable energy, solar, wireless and telecom industries. Since 2013, we have thrived and made our mark in the Windy City. We represent our clients by producing quality results with integrity, all while accumulating them market share and establishing brand recognition. Are you in need of professional representation in marketing and sales? North 312 is your answer!

Why a WordPress Blog? Easy – to highlight our outstanding team! Our firm is composed of smart, hard working, energetic and eager individuals, making them the core of our success! Chicago has offered the perfect blend of varied backgrounds and our company’s diversity is just a part of what we call the  North 312 experience. When you have a team as special and successful as ours, what better way to prove it than to write blogs?!

Envisioning yourself with the North 312 team? Imagine an ideal work environment where your colleagues challenge you and mentor you, all in a day’s work. Picture a unified team striving for excellence in both personal and professional growth. Oh! Did we mention travel opportunities?! Join our team and let your compass guide you North to North 312!